Graceful Recovery

by The Oliver Moore Band

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released February 3, 2017

Produced by Koda Paw Productions
As He Falls Produced by Bruce Kane
Music & Lyrics by Oliver Moore



all rights reserved


The Oliver Moore Band Salt Lake City, Utah

The Oliver Moore Band relies on dark unique messages buried within it's content while snaring you with it's hooks

When defining "tOMB's" genre, be warned: At first listen you might think that your toes are tapping to a corporate backed, non-political\religious\profane infectious pop tune. You would be wrong. tOMB's lyrics have bite and every melody demands your acknowledgement of it's balls.
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Track Name: As He Falls
As He Falls
The Oliver Moore Band

He takes his passion to a water
His amplified ambition, Is to watch the feeling drown
Scattered writings filled with tongue depressant rhymes
Are screaming as they float
Singing, as they die

And when he looks into a water
His super flappy ancillary ways are not his own
I've given in he cries and though he's not a coward
He screams as he floats
Singing, as he falls.

I'm giving in, watch him as he falls
I've given in, watch him as he falls
An irritation in it all is all it is.

He takes his passion to a water
His super flappy ancillary ways are not his own
Scattered writings filled with tongue depressant rhymes
He screams as he floats Singing, as he falls.
Track Name: Sense of Wonder
I’ve got a wife in the middle and she’s holding tight and I can’t breathe
I’ve got a lady on the side and it’s all right, by me
Between the job, the kids the dog, I feel I’m going under
But I’ve got me, a sense of wonder

I met a man in Tijuana who had promised me a new years eve
I woke up in Ensenada with missing kidney, swollen knees
As I hitched my way home, my limp betrayed my blunder
But I’ve got me a sense of wonder

Curse my stars and pray for rain, pray for thunder
I hold my head up to the falling rain
Hold me down, stand my ground and kick me under
I’ve got my own sense of wonder

I accidentally gouged the iris of my eye with a bowie knife
I’ve held my breath about a thousand times in the hopes of ending life
And did you know that with a thumbtack under the fleshy side of your little own pinky nail, you will buckle under
Track Name: So Was LIfe
My bones, seem to simmer
My years are the water
In my youth they would boil, round the bone.

My eyes, tend to close
My skin with its folds
In my youth, as my eyes saw, I had sown

Hold me down, and let glimpses of lights in the sky show me around

So is life.
This place in the heavens is fine but, so was life
So was life.
This place among family and friends is just fine but, so was life
So was life.

Under my skin, under my bones, under my life.
Track Name: I Belong
I, once laid a man....that I met at a bus stop
and once, in southern california I lied to a traffic cop
Yes, I've had my spills, too many little white ten milligram sleeping pills
but insomnia keeps me from dreaming of africa

I've killed and I've bled and I've farted and sped
and the dead are still dead but still waiting for my life to end

and I never believed, I'd live this long
but you, whomever you are, relieve me my doubt, no matter my scar, that I belong

my judicial review after ol' mogadishu
had left me alone with no money or home..the rap was untrue
And I, once couldn't catch all of my breath, my throat tube was killing me, paralyzed and death to me
seemed, like maybe that butcher knife inside of me, wasn't quite worth it..not in the least bit.

strung out on cheetos, doritos and meth
I've killed myself three times I think just by holding my breath
Track Name: Deep Grave
Deep Grave, can you lend a shovel my way
enslaved, that's the term they use for those buried with me.

But that's not me,
I'll claw myself a tunnel as I make my way back home
scrambling over bodies in the dark, of those, like me
who fail to find their shovel
even in the blinding power of your light.

Just Breath, I think I see the sun above
Dont shove,I think there's someone down here tugging on my sleeve
I'm having trouble breaking free,
scrambling over bodies in the dark of those like me
who failed to find their shovel in the dark and those like me.
Are reaching up and what I thought was fear they're only,
Lifting up the other strung out bodies, helping me and so I
reach up and lift the man below me.
and find I'm free
Track Name: Beer Police
My Brother would hide my beer and hear my stories of the war
3rd battalion 1st mar div Unites States Marine Corps.
When I was done a weeping and the tears had stopped to flow
My brother in law would stand and say, this is what I know

Sit down, shut up, stop your drinking baby let it go
Oh, brother let it go
Rehab’s where you’re going boy, now who’s your HMO
Oh, brother let’s go.

My brother would water flowers with the Cuervo from my stash
Don’t be driving to the market give me all your petty cash.
I’d flash a grin to my next of kin and shrug that I’m bone dry
But his nose was like a bloodhound on the hunt for my supply.
Track Name: Parable
Funny little white man stranded naked on the shore
his lips are curled, his brows are furled he knows the score
a dozen years ago the bottle, brought him to this place
He’s celebrating 30 days, he thanks the lord and shares his grace

He's got the mamba
one more chance at life
he's got the mamba
he knows he's got one more chance at life

I'll give it all I’ve got, he says
for just one day
I'm cold I’m tired
In a good way

I’ll make it on my own
I’m not alone
Anything you ask of me is yours
Oh lord please, throw a line my way.

He spots an angry little storm cloud passing overhead
His lips are cracked, his skin is parched, his eyes are red
But he’s sober now and no angry cloud
Is gonna bring him down, take him from this place.
Track Name: Her
The Oliver Moore Band
ALBUM: Learn to Shine

She leaves a manic supercilious pleasing ease
Unattainable fallacious needs
And when she listens
She derives relieve
She derives relieve

Her initial intuition rarely leads her wrong
And she plays, a pampered con
And of her prudence
It wanders on

She leaves a margin for my manner
An eerie meditative influence on my soul
I know, this shy and lingering,
likely, listless
Time of living, I am on will never
See another one like her.
Track Name: Fertile (The Mary Kay Hustle)
Finally, I heard I Eva start to speak
Lustfully, you damn well better strip you freak
And come now to my arms, you can’t resist my charms
But eventually, you will come to cherish me.

Don’t be so, hostile…and make it quick now, I’m fertile.

Come to bed My Love and treasure me
And close my wooden shutters tight, before you leave
Trace my gaze up to Niburu’s wake
While my sweetness laps your silly chase

Ask my, permission before you go
And show me your plans to change
The minute you hit the road
I will change.

Finally, I pawned my life away And all I wanted was Eve.But eventually, resentments faded and The present moment was my friend.
A long, long time ago, I gave you up my friend. Ironically, I still find you turn me on.
Don’t be so, hostile…and make it quick now, I’m fertile.
Track Name: Fine Fine Fine
She cries, that son of a bitch, just won’t die
She’s on her 23rd tequila, no salt, no lime.
Under her bones
The blue Agave worm is still alive

But that’s fine, fine, fine, fine
Fine, fine, fine.

He groans, my blood is spilling out over the ground
How’d she ever catch me sleeping around
Hold me kiss me
Before the blade hits bone, as it’s twisting

But he’s fine, fine, fine, fine
Fine, fine, fine.
Fine fine fine fine
Fine fine fine

She comes a back around cursing the name of the lord
Swinging that Swiss made knife like a sword
Under her bones
She wraps his bloody neck with a phone cord

Hold on, let your jacks show
All in and on the flop watch your Stacks go
Try to hit your gutshot straight
And make your Table stake
Track Name: Fudd's Lament
Hey, he said name is bunny
I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!
And I, got a little bit of worry
You see, I’m, all out of tea and
I’m expecting company by the old oak tree

And the cleaners still have my tails.
And this dusty trail is a long way from home.

Can you find the kindness in your heart?
Can you spare a turnip from your cart?
I’ve been living on brambles
The rabbit hole’s in shambles
Can you find the kindness in your heart?

Hey, I said…it’s kind of funny
See I too am hopping the trail and quite far from home.
And you, you probably shouldn’t worry
You see, my kids don’t eat for free
And I’m expecting another so the wife gets mean

And the pantry’s bare as hell
And though small your meaty bones will do quite well.

Can’t you see the weakness in my heart?
Shake a leg and hop up in my cart
You’ll feed my dirt grimed children
Don’t make me out for the villain
Can you see the hunger in my heart?

So if our souls do cross again
You’ll know the tale of hungry men
Prowling round while wearing tales of all the hares they found.
Oooo I’m going to cook your little bunnies too
I’ve got you now, your wabbit stew

Can’t you see the weakness in my heart?
Bang Bang, your blown apart
This here’s my rabbit shotgun
One bullet left and it’s a good one
Can you see the hunger in my heart?
Track Name: St. Peter's Lies
It’s slipping away
I keep my own time and hold my own but my breath is running thin

It’s slipping away
My only rope is frayed by weight alone, will you notify my, next of kin

Can you remember most of life?
Can you recall what life was like?
Hark back, think of, recollect and try to
Re-commemorate your guise
St. Peters lies.

Nothing wrong
There is nothing wrong for leaving quite so soon, just to pick a bone.

It’s coming to be
When I leave this world let the men I’ve wronged, speak for me.

Gonna pick a little bone with, St Peters lies.
I doubt his conception forthwith, St Peters lies
Will he, when I’m, done with, reprise his?
Track Name: She Got Me Right
She wears her dirty jeans down low
Her leather belt is just for show
White belly showing Junior Mint T-Shirt
Never knowing how it feels to be hurt and

Hold Me, Wrap me up tight
Stark white Blonde Hair
Has got me right.

Never passes on a serving of cheese fries

My Mamma told me, to befriend
be friends with the Germans
My Mamma told me, to befriend
befriend the high class
So you see I met this girl of my dreams
and how she seems just
just like my Mamma

Dirty Jeans down low
Leather belt for show
rather impulsive and raring to go
and she got me right
Track Name: Answer to Why
Every great once in a while
I begin to fall a bit behind
So I leave early, now I'm leaving
and believing I'm the only lonely
one who knows the answer to why
Under white linen sheets
A mother lies, a mother to be
and as she grinds her teeth
she names the boy and
holds the boy and says
this is my boy, my answer to why

See the boy under the cover of another room
Dirty hair, dirty jeans, dirty life, dirty soul

holding his needle high
he says, wide eyed delusion, is my answer to why

I fall behind, my answer to why
This is my boy, my answer to why
Widw eyed delusion, my answer to why
I've got religion, it's sitting on the newspaper page
and I fall behind, falling on the newspaper page
Track Name: Never Fear Again
Yesterday is a memory
tomorrow will never come
I've spent my time so foolishly
The moment's never fun
to live my life a selfish man
ego fear and pride
i'll chew you up and spit you out
take you for a ride

But I feel, the bottom rising up
and I think, I'm going to drown
my mind is screaming
but my voice wont make a sound
I've finally reached a breaking point
self-pity and despair
I've not choice but to surrender my life and beg repair

I'm tired of this life I lead
Misery and pain
since I turned my life to you it hasn't been the same
I don't know what you will do with me it seems a little strange
but I know if I can let you go, I'll never fear again
no i'll never fear again

the days have started piling up
this gift to me is grand
I can't believe i'm doing this
i'm finally a man
as the days unfold for me
the miracle it seems
I couldn't imagine a life like this
not even in my dreams

sometimes I feel
i don't deserve
this gift, I should repay
though I put my love and trust
in you, and give it
give it all away